Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dear Phantom Planet,

I love your band. In fact, The Guest is one of my favorite albums ever! Seriously! It's just so poppy and fun, and I still enjoy listening to it today, six years after its release. I wasn't a fan of your self-titled 2004 release, but in true die-hard-Weezer-fan fashion, I was holding out hope that you could have one (or in Weezer's case, three) disappointing album and then return to your catchy pop-rock roots with your latest release, Raise the Dead, which came out today. But imagine my dismay when I learned that your "new single" is not, in fact, a new song at all, but a re-recorded version of "Do the Panic," a b-side from The Guest! Oh, Phantom Planet, is that really the best you could do? Are you kidding us?

Yours truly,

P.S.- Don't even try to blame this on Jason Schwartzman!

P.P.S.- Or Fueled by Ramen!

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